South Godwin

South Godwin Head Start is a larger site, and while it is amazing to have ample space to work with, that isn’t the best part, it’s who we are able to fill it with. South Godwin is a traditional year site that offers one half-day 3-year-old classroom, three full-day 3 year-old classrooms, eight full-day 4-year-old classrooms, a large outdoor play area for kids to explore and an indoor gym to use during inclement weather.

The teaching staff at South Godwin is a hard working, close knit bunch who is committed to the community they serve. All of our teachers in each of our 12 classrooms work day after day to connect with parents and children to provide the best educational environment possible. When the night rolls around most of our staff are continuing their educational journey, and currently enrolled in higher Ed course work.

This group is so inspirational and by far and away the best part of South Godwin Head Start. If you are looking to form a partnership in your child’s early development, start at South Godwin Head Start.

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  • Address

    28 Bellevue SE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49548

  • Hours of Operation

    HS: 7:30am - 5:00pm

  • Supervisor

    Ben Cannon

  • Receptionist

    Aeriena Gilbert

  • Fax

    (616) 279-3060

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