Rogers Lane

Rogers Lane Head Start is located in Wyoming, nestled behind Rogers Plaza near 28th Street and Clyde Park on the Southwest side of Grand Rapids. We are a traditional year site and offer families many opportunities for preschool programming with a total of 13 classrooms.

For our 3-year-olds we offer morning, mid-day, afternoon or full-day sessions within 6 classrooms. We also have the unique opportunity to partner with Godfrey Lee Early Childhood Center and house one of our mid-day classrooms on that campus. The remainder of our 7 classrooms in the building are full-day programming for our 4-year-olds.

Our community playground is large with several fenced in areas and multiple play areas to ride bikes, play ball, climb and swing. During inclement weather we have a large gym so we can offer these same large motor activities. Through play children explore their imagination to the fullest both inside and outside the classroom.

As you walk down the halls, you will hear laughter, singing, witness a new artists’ creation, listen to an architect explain his structure and even get your haircut in the pretend beauty shop in one of our classrooms. Our classrooms allow children not only to explore but to excel in a rich learning environment that prepares them for life’s next steps.

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Hours of Operation
06:30 AM - 03:30 PM | Classroom Staff
06:30 AM - 04:00 PM | Office Staff
Full Day Hours
07:20 AM - 02:50 PM | EHS
07:35 AM - 02:35 PM | Preschool
Caiti Owens
Associate Supervisor
Arelys Martinez
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