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Parent & Family

Parent & Family Education

Studies find that students with involved parents are more likely to:

(A summary of selected research by Dr. John H. Wherry.)

To partner with you in continuing to grow your ways of being involved and engaged, we offer educational opportunities for parents and families. Here is a brief list of a few opportunities, with other opportunities also being available as well as being explored:

Parent and Dads Cafes

The Be Strong Families Parent Cafés are a parent-to-parent approach of bringing families a safe space to explore five protective factors. These factors help to keep families, safe, healthy and strong.

The cafés also help engage parents/families in rich, healthy discussions and open the opportunity for parents to develop friendships outside of the school. Various themes for the Cafes are selected by staff and/or Parent Leaders.

What is a Parent Cafe?

The Parent Cafe Experience

Strengthening Families Program (SFP)

This program meets over multiple class sessions. It is evidence-based and recognized both nationally and internationally. Parents and youth attend weekly SFP skills classes together, learning parenting skills and youth life and refusal skills. They have separate class training for parents and youth the first hour, followed by a joint family practice session the second hour.

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