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Birth - 3 Year Olds

We have two options available for parents with children birth to 3 years old – our Home Visiting program and our center-based classrooms.


Our Home Visitors meet with families in their home for 90 minutes each week. When a family has a home language other than English, an interpreter attends every week. During this time, our Home Visitors discuss each family’s strengths, strategies to achieve family goals, identify family needs, and help to identify and access agency and community resources.

Our Home Visitors are fully trained in the Parents as Teachers curriculum, which is used to promote goal-oriented relationships and guide the shared planning for future visits. We use the COR Advantage child development assessment to gauge and discuss children’s progress.

Play Groups are held twice a month as an opportunity for families and children to spend time together. The agenda is developed with input from the families, and provides an opportunity to help learn about typical child development and parenting issues.

Expecting Families

We have a Home Visiting program for expecting families. A Home Visitor and Nurse will alternate weekly 60-90 minute visits, depending on the need of the family. We use the Partners for a Healthy Baby curriculum, which focuses on practices to prevent poor birth outcomes, build strong families, and promote maternal and child health.

Infant/Toddler Classrooms

Our infant/toddler classrooms are uniquely designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for up to nine children in a mixed-age group setting. Primary teachers partner with the parents of up to four children to provide consistent, individualized care. Teachers are fully trained in the Great First Eight curriculum to plan play-based experiences to promote learning throughout every part of the day. Formula, baby food, diapers, and wipes are provided.

3-5 Year Olds

We have full-day 3 year old and 4 year old preschool classrooms.


Head Start understands that children learn through experience and we strive to nurture the whole child in our preschool programs. In addition to language, math, science, social studies, movement, and art skills, our preschool curriculums help students develop skills in cooperation, problem solving, and personal responsibility.

We provide consistent daily routines that ensure that children stay engaged in meaningful work and play. This includes indoor, outdoor, active, quiet, large group and small group experiences. It also includes important routines like handwashing, toothbrushing, meals, and rest times. Teachers use thoughtful questions throughout the day to encourage children to think deeply, pose questions, search for solutions, work independently, and take leadership roles.

Teachers in our 3 year old classrooms utilize The Creative Curriulum for Preschool to plan interesting project studies that last approximately 4-6 weeks. During these studies, children, teachers and parents collaborate to explore information in ways that promote a love for learning about each other and the world.
Teachers in our 4 year old classrooms implement the Connect4Learning curriculum. Each unit of study builds on each other to provide a comprehensive and fun learning experience which is specially designed to ensure Kindergarten readiness.

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