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Head Start is a great experience well needed! My lil tot is the youngest of 5 and, believe it or not, was not very good with interactions outside of family.

Head Start was able to help her with communication with others her age as well as adults. She is now able to communicate how she is feeling as well as her needs. My daughter meet a lot of new friends and enjoys her play time. Her teachers were able to assist her in learning paths at a preschool level to help with letters and letter recognition. She is now use to a school time routine that has giving her a little insight on what's to come for her in kindergarten.

I also appreciate the resources and assistance. My daughter was able to get all her winter gear needs met, thanks to her teacher. She participated In a GVSU study and enjoyed that.

Head Start offers great family engagements, which help parents get to know families of their little tot's friends. =)

Head Start Parent

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