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Samantha H.


I have loved having my 3 year old in the Head Start Program. When she started out she was very dependent on me to do things for her, and now she has become more independent. She is putting shoes on by herself, she is cleaning the table after dinner. She is now a helper with her friends and family, and she is teaching her little sister things she has learned at school.

She was able to connect with her teacher, Ms. Dana. She loved telling her stories about the adventures we went on as a family. Her vocabulary blossomed, she is now using phrases and expressions in her speech. She has learned many songs that she will sporadically start singing. She has gained new manners, and is taking on more responsibilities.

I can’t thank the teachers and staff enough for this experience. They are always willing to help get info for resources, and provide feedback when needed. The communication is easy with texting, and being able to chat at drop off or pickup has helped to know what is going on daily with my kiddo.

Samantha H.
Head Start Parent

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