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Heather J.

Heather J

The experience I had with the Head Start program was great. All staff are very nice, and very helpful with anything I had questions/help with. The program showed me many resources and support with my family as well, and not to mention very flexible with my needs and wants.

The program benefited both of my kids. For my youngest getting ready to go into the program, the home visitor has helped with new learning experiences and helped me potty train. My oldest got her ready for kindergarten and with outside support she needed. All staff have been very supportive and encouraging.

There were many aspects of the program we have enjoyed. The one on one interactions, we felt staff tried to get to know us. Offering new experiences and routines I can now do with my children. All the informative and fun zoom meetings they do monthly, hopefully in person soon.

Jeather J.
Head Start Parent

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