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2024-2025 Outreach Theme

We’re excited to announce the 2024-2025 Outreach Theme – “Piece by piece, we’re BETTER TOGETHER!”

This year’s theme features three puzzle piece people joining hands across their individual pieces. We wanted to highlight the importance of inclusivity, strength through varied perspectives, and children’s consistent attendance in the classroom. You can’t make a puzzle with just a single piece; it takes every piece to see the full picture! Each child, parent, and employee contribute to the Head Start puzzle, and we ALL grow when we are learning TOGETHER!

The work that we do as an agency is an embodiment of working together to grow as educators, our youth, and the community. We believe that it is important that everyone comes together to play their unique role with the common goal of successful outcomes – whether that be each department within our agency, teachers with parents, and parents with their children. We all have a place, and when we work together, we make the perfect fit!

Join us in building the community, learning, and growing as one! WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER!

Keep an eye out for our new puzzle piece theme connecting across our website, social media, on our t-shirts, and at our summer Family Engagement Events!