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We see you. (April 16, 2021)

Dear Head Start Community,

We want to recognize and acknowledge everyone that has been and is currently impacted by recent events of tragic killings, racial violence, and other tragic events that have occurred in our Black, Brown, and Asian communities in America and across the world. We realize these recent tragedies have only further triggered the racial trauma dealt with on a daily basis. As a larger community, we invite you to continue individual and collective work for learning and healing. Please visit our website and review our Racial & Social Equity Toolkit.

On a more personal level, if you are currently managing racial trauma, we want you to know we see you, care for you, and value you. We urge you to take time to rest and recover. When you are able, please seek resources on racial trauma, mental and other self-care resources here (pages 16-23). Our employees are also welcome to take advantage of our Employee Assistance Program and to connect with the Cultural Competency & Inclusion Manager for support.


The Effects of Racism on Mental Health: How to Cope

Racial Trauma: Origins, Signs, and Courses of Treatment

Things to Consider in the Midst of an Uprising



MaDonna J Princer                                         NaTasha Brown

Executive Director                                           Cultural Competency & Inclusion Manager