Recommended Education Resources – 3/23

This week’s top picks from our Education Department are designed to reduce stress for you and your child by providing you with ideas that focus on brain development and keeping a healthy balance.

Behind every Vroom Tip, there’s brain science. Vroom tips help you share the joy of learning with your child while you prepare them for tomorrow.

Brain Building Basics Video



Success Basics Activities

Go to the WGVU Public Media link above to get tons of activity ideas related to each of the Success Basics – LOVE, TALK, COUNT, PLAY and READ.



Love My Baby Songs and Rhymes & Love My Toddler Songs and Rhymes

Music is an incredible way to connect with your child. These songs and rhymes give you a natural, warm way to express your love and help your children learn.



How to Help Kids Handle Stress Brochure

Adults aren’t the only ones who feel stressed. Kids do too. Some stress is normal. Too much stress is not good for children – or adults! The good news is…Even very young children can learn to manage their own stress. The younger they learn the better!

Click on the link above or the picture below to access a helpful brochure which describes activities that will help them for the rest of their lives.