Asian American and Burmese Violence

HS4KC is saddened by the loss of multiple lives in Atlanta, including six Asian women. This is yet another act of racial violence in our country that also intersects with violence against women and immigrant populations. This directly impacts many of the communities, families, children, and staff we serve. We stand against all acts of hate, violence, and terrorism.

We understand there’s more to be uncovered from this specific incident, but we do know that there has been a rise in anti-Asian racism, violence against women, and many other incidents of hate in this country. We want to humanize and value these marginalized groups and are actively living out our core value of Humanitarianism as an agency through our service to the community, collective conversations, professional development, and equity challenges.

Due to several recent events, we also want to ensure HS4KC staff working with persons of the Burmese culture are aware of what our families may be experiencing during these tumultuous times.

We are committed to the support of our staff and families in any way we can. We invite you to take a look at the Racial & Social Equity Toolkit available on our website’s Resource page ( to help engage in these crucial conversations.

We’ve also listed additional resources and an upcoming event on Wednesday 3/24 to bring awareness and advocacy for Asian Americans and those of the Burmese culture.

Asian Americans reported being targeted at least 500 times in the last two months – CNN

Policy 101: What’s Happening in Burma | Bush Center

Myanmar coup: What is happening and why? – BBC News

Event: Violence Against Asian & Asian Americans: How Do We Support the Children?

MaDonna J Princer
Executive Director

NaTasha Brown
Cultural Competency & Inclusion Manager